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“Tony and his exceptional team deserve this recognition. Service and quality has raised the standard.”

Ops Manager
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Justice Centre - Wellington


Nedax were commissioned at the Justice Centre to design and install a full Gallagher Interface and dual Hbus custom consoles (98 Logic Blocks) all designed in house by Nedax Customisation Team.

Consoles would have needed 80 cable cores if wired in traditional method. Nedax provided a solution using a 4 wire Hbus per console.

- 9 Lane Alvarado System
- 3 high speed Efaflex doors


Special Features

  • No mains all gates powered by 27.2VDC sub system with 8 hour battery backup
  • Denied access integration to drive red LED’s on gates
Services Used For

Our Integrated Solution

19 Aikten Street, Wellington
Access Control and Monitoring and Control
Access Control and Monitoring and Control

Gallagher Integration for the Following per lane

Gallagher Inputs per Lane

  • Tailgate Detected
  • Unauthorised access
  • Held open
  • Entry taken
  • Exit taken
  • Barrier forced

Gallagher Outputs per Lane

  • Entry pulse
  • Exit pulse
  • Entry free access
  • Exit free access
  • Decline access
  • Lockdown
  • Emergency open
Team Nedax always supply the best in workmanship and along with Gallagher systems the best result for our clients Projects...This looks another example of the great work that Tony and his Team produce.

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