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Nedax designs and installs commercial grade CCTV systems for new builds and existing structure integration or upgrades. We typically engineer systems taking advantage of increased resolution of up to 8K and cameras are fitted with on board SD cards for internal backup. Video streams are recorded on enterprise SAS HDD,s which have a 5 year warranty and are housed directly in the server enclosure or on DAS (Direct attached storage arrays) which are battery backed via the 48VDC subsystem. Coupling these with our access control creates a robust and information-rich system. Through clever design and product expertise, Nedax focusses on achieving the best possible protection for clients within their budget. 
They can have full confidence that their equipment is high-performance and their footage is safe. CCTV cameras no longer have to simply offer low to mid-levels of reporting. By embracing advancements in camera and monitoring technology, Nedax’s clients are seeing incredible visual definition of people, actions, and events. High resolution of up to 8k CCTV video has raised clarity, and brought an unprecedented ability to zoom in on key details without degrading image quality. Additionally low light and dynamic range has dramatically advanced footage usability, in all lighting conditions. With these high-res image signals, the entire system needs to be up to task, from cabling to switches and servers - otherwise it will be slow and unreliable. So Nedax brings industry standards into the commercial field. Instead of domestic hard drives Nedax deploy enterprise high capacity SAS drives (Helium filled for cooler running) and which has full duplex read/write and a 12GBs interface along with 5 year warranty. 
Nedax engineers researched available HDD storage options reviewing SAN,s NAS; JBOD,s options and decided on Direct Attached Storage (DAS) which as the name suggests provides a direct high speed (12GBs) pathway between the DAS and NVR and is known for its simplicity and low cost. The DAS also provided the full gamut of Raid protection and is provisioned with dual power supplies for high reliability and which requires very little maintenance.

Our clients have 100% reliability, incredible speed, and less cost and hassle long-term. Our cameras and servers have independent power supplies, and are backed by 48V DC UPS. The camera units also have internal SD card slots, that hold footage for at least 24 hours as another precaution. Alongside our well-designed and highly functional control rooms, smartphone capabilities have made remote monitoring versatile and simple. Also, our CCTV and access control is network time-synched, and all data is backed up automatically and secured remotely. These capabilities are especially valuable in case of suspicious or unlawful behaviour.
“I have seen a relentless drive for innovation and an unwavering focus on delivering a first-class solution for the client. Nedax sets a tremendously high standard – I would recommend a site visit to one of their installations to see first hand the quality of the workmanship.”
Gallagher Group LTD, Lower North Island
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“Nedax is a one-stop-shop. The solutions are user-friendly and reliable. They also took us through the system step-by-step and explained it all in a way we could understand on a personal level. They are great in terms of their response time, and their staff are really friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, it’s a very positive relationship.” PwC Facilities

Low Smoke Zero Halogen
(LSZH) Cabling

Nedax — installers of LSZH, where safety, along with performance and reliability, are critical due to their low smoke and toxicity.
“Tony has built a very capable team who have great knowledge of the Gallagher product and also our integrations with other 3rd party solutions and this allows them to deliver not only a great install but one that is fit for purpose and meets the client’s requirements.”
Gallagher Group Ltd, Lower North Island

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