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design and install of innovative it infrastructures that deliver high industry-grade reliability
Nedax continually sets the highest standard for IT infrastructure in the commercial field. We design and install industrial servers, custom-made cabinets and trunking, Ethernet switches, cabling, independent power supplies, and 48V DC UPS. All can be connected with our state-of-the-art data services such as fibre ISP, private and public WiFi control, RDP, VPN, and can operate in tandem with our world-leading access control, credential, and CCTV systems. We can setup and service a client’s entire electronic system. In everything Nedax does, we look to exceed specification and the status quo of the day.
We’ll take all opportunities to modify and upgrade IT systems where we can, to increase performance, maximise reliability, protect databases, and future proof the system. We design multiple power supplies for specific tasks, reducing load requirements and stress on power supplies. We also incorporate the industrial-grade 48V DC backup battery to eliminate any risk of data loss. While these were previously being used in industrial space such as telcos for many years, we designed a system of DC UPS for our commercial clients - coupling them with our custom-made cabinets and 48V internet switches. Reliability exceeded all expectations, callouts were reduced even further, and power consumption decreased. Our 48VDC system backup provided higher efficiency and longer runtimes than standard 230VAC UPS systems - taking our systems fail power from one hour to 30 plus.

Due to system efficiencies and lack of double conversion our DC backup system generates less heat and less power consumption compared to traditional 230VAC UPS systems enabling longer mains fail run times and allows installation of smaller capacity AC systems for room cooling.
Nedax also developed plugin EOL modules with built in resistors to allow improved efficiencies in installation and recommissioning to avoid the time consuming bottlenecks that traditionally occur at the tail end of contracts. We also introduced stringent offsite build-up and testing of our access control and CCTV rack systems which allowed full load testing and programming prior to installation on site which again saved considerable commissioning time at the closing stages of the contract. This methodology also provided the opportunity to test the latest technology in a controlled environment prior to site implementation. Based on a Clyde Quay Wharf installation in 2014 where Nedax 1st deployed 22 x 48VDC powered POE industrial ethernet switches which now sets the benchmark for Nedax installations due to 100% uptime over 5 years.
“I have seen a relentless drive for innovation and an unwavering focus on delivering a first-class solution for the client. Nedax sets a tremendously high standard – I would recommend a site visit to one of their installations to see first hand the quality of the workmanship.”
Gallagher Group LTD, Lower North Island
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Wellington CBD
“Nedax is a one-stop-shop. The solutions are user-friendly and reliable. They also took us through the system step-by-step and explained it all in a way we could understand on a personal level. They are great in terms of their response time, and their staff are really friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, it’s a very positive relationship.” PwC Facilities

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