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complete installation of reliable and effective intercom systems
Nedax provides complete intercom solutions for restricted and multi-tenanted areas, such as office blocks and residential apartments. We are highly-experienced in supplying clear and robust audio and visual intercoms systems, along with effective doors, locks, cabling, and independent power supplies. In all new builds, and existing structure integration or upgrades, meticulous planning and design is absolutely crucial to achieve 100% accuracy and reliability. 

We consider the locations of vertical rises, ducts, and access areas, evaluate available power supplies, types of doors, furnishings, hinge locations, and specific locks. Our team will then supply, install, and test all required elements to get the intercoms functioning. In every project, Nedax always places a client’s needs at the centre. Often, organisations come to Nedax asking for voice intercoms. However our manufacturing partner’s latest video intercoms are comparatively cost-effective, and cabling requires less labour time. 

So for a similar investment, we will provide a much better solution for clients. When paired with Nedax’s other security services (including credentials, CCTV, and IT services), clients gain the advantage of cohesive and effective systems.
“I have seen a relentless drive for innovation and an unwavering focus on delivering a first-class solution for the client. Nedax sets a tremendously high standard – I would recommend a site visit to one of their installations to see first hand the quality of the workmanship.”
Gallagher Group LTD, Lower North Island
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Wellington CBD
“Nedax is a one-stop-shop. The solutions are user-friendly and reliable. They also took us through the system step-by-step and explained it all in a way we could understand on a personal level. They are great in terms of their response time, and their staff are really friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, it’s a very positive relationship.” PwC Facilities

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