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“Team Nedax always supply the best in workmanship and along with Gallagher systems the best result for our clients Projects...This looks another example of the great work that Tony and his Team produce.”

GM.Architects & Planners Ltd

Convention Centre (Takina) Wellington


Nedax were awarded the security contract to design and install a Fully Integrated Access Control; IP Intercom and CCTV system in February 2020 and  Nedax worked closely in a collaborated approach with the main contractor LT Mcguinness; WCC Takina Project Director and Willis Bond to provide a beautifully crafted and innovative solution with workmanship matching or exceeding recently completed contracts.

Our success relies heavily on a constant stream of communication between our team and our clients, always maintaining clear expectations and we strive for more with in depth analysis of design prior to implementation and post installation reviews.


Nedax designed and installed bespoke cabinets and trunking systems which were deployed in the eight communication rooms. Trunking systems were measured ; fabricated and test fitted for accuracy prior to being powder coated both on external and internal surfaces prior to final installation. Nedax engineers carried out a detailed volt-drop analysis of cable lengths and architecture due to the large building footprint Consequently a special run of 4mm high density copper cable was designed and purchased to ensure volt drop was within Nedax performance tolerances.

Nedax also reviewed fire door construction and advised on the most suitable locking devices that were compliant with egress requirements on fire escape pathways. Nedax reviewed the CCTV design and suggested a change from the specified Bosch system to a Hanwha Wisnet system that provided advanced features and included a high level interface to Gallagher which seamlessly integrated into the WCC sitewide Gallagher system. Cameras were stripped and housings were etched and powder coated black by Metal Immersions to match architectural requirements. Nedax worked closely with WCC IT and Omega Networks to provision Gallagher; Jacques Intercom and Milestone CCTV transparently into existing networks.

Nedax engineers worked closely with WCC Safe Cities staff and trained them on the integration of Milestone CCTV viewable within a Gallagher premier platform which allows user definable views; live viewing and recorded views. Additionally Milestone Smart client software was installed on operator workstations to allow export of recorded footage. Architectural Graphical plans were provided and loaded with alarm definitions and camera icons to provide advanced operator experiences with a primary focus on efficiency that encourages situational awareness and allows for a more accurate and timely Operator response.

Nedax introduced Gallagher Bluetooth Credentials to Takina; LTM; Te-Papa staff and contractors and managed the roll out with a special feature set to allow auto doors to have operating modes changed from auto; secure and hold open mode all from the BLE Gallagher app. Nedax engineers also created a design to remove all interface relays and timer interfaces from the auto door control system to maximise operational reliable runtime and negate corrosion issues and subsequent call outs. Additional modifications were suggested and installed by Nedax to the motorised autodoor locking methodology on exit routes to ensure guaranteed fail safe operation on fire alarm or Breakglass activation.

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Our Integrated Solution

Wellington CBD
Access Control and Monitoring and Control
Access Control and Monitoring and Control

- FT6000 x 12 with Hbus modules mounted in Nedax cabinets with custom backplanes
- T15/T20 BLE Hbus readers x 80
- All field devices have customised EOL modules built in (no requirement for soldered EOL devices)
- All readers connected via plug in modules no soldering required.

Power Supplies (12VDC)
Power Supplies (12VDC)

- Nedax Custom power supplies 13.6vdc Meanwell 144 Watt with independent load and battery charge circuits; with LCD displays built in - Automated Battery Capacity testing
- Independent power supplies for control and equipment and locking devices
- Automated Battery Capacity testing
- 8 Way Fuse boards with DC current monitoring per circuit using blade fuses (up to 4 x 8 way capability)
- Fire Drop Circuit built in
- Output monitoring of 230VAC; Battery condition and fuse failure (with 4k7 built in resistors) and ability to link power supplies for common monitoring
- Device loading no greater than 60% of power supply capacity
- MTBF 100%.


- 48 Camera system with Milestone Professional and HLI to Gallagher. Nedax design team reviewed the requirement for the Wisnet cameras to be licensed to the WCC site wide Bosch system and based on our experience at High Commission of India recommended utilising the excellent HLI interface between Gallagher and Milestone which allowed cameras to be displayed; controlled and reviewed directly from the Gallagher workstations that already exist on the WCC network providing a cost effective solution.

It was a rare unanimous decision that saw the Judges crown Team Tākina as winners of the Greenwood Roche Supreme Excellence Award for 2023. This state of the art civic project is of real benefit to the City and the region. It is the Capital’s largest built infrastructure investment for two decades, spanning a build period of 3.5 years. Home to exhibitions and conventions which will boost tourism and dollar spend in Wellington, Tākina is a catalyst for further development in Wellington. The project team is recognised for their unwavering commitment to delivering a project of significant scale and quality, on time and on budget. Congratulations to Wellington City Council, Willis Bond Studio Pacific Architecture, Dunning Thornton Consultants, Beca, Holmes Fire, LT McGuinness and all the subcontractors and suppliers that make up Team Tākina!
2023 Wellington Property People Awards
Our experience with Nedax has been first class. They have been proactive and constructive during the design phase ensuring we incorporated a well thought out design, the quality of their workmanship is exemplary and the support they have provided through commissioning and handing over operational management has been something that has been particularly appreciated and valued. They have set the standard for what is acceptable in our communications rooms and exhibited great pride in both their work and what we as the client were aspiring to for Takina.

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