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Nedax is an ISP using fibre, offering secure VPNs and off-site backup servers - alongside complete IT infrastructure set up including server rooms, custom cabinets, Ethernet switches, cabling, and 48V DC UPS. By integrating data and IT services into our existing systems, (access control, credentials, intercoms, and CCTV) we operate an all- encompassing, state-of-the-art security service for our clients. With bigger sites, clients can securely connect into our main infrastructure via VPN, to easily manage their own access control areas. Typical methodology in the market place is to back up manually using USB devices every 3 months or longer which places undue risk to clients databases if there is database corruption or HDD failure.
Nedax researched alternative methodologies and implemented fully automated backup routines via RDP to dual offsite locations. We also recognised that public IPs weren’t secure enough, particularly with the rising level of hacking and other cyber threats. In response, Nedax incorporated VPNs into our service solutions. However, the possibility of servers breaking down or a major power outage occurring between backups meant a small risk for data to be lost still existed. So our team again looked for an alternate methodology to make Nedax’s systems even more robust. We found the industrial-grade 48V DC backup battery would eliminate the risk.
Our DC battery backup solution has several major advantages over the traditional UPS systems by being Extra low Voltage and therefore safe to technicians , greener by generating less heat due to no double conversion requirements and extended run times and finally space savings. Now our clients and industry partners only need to come to us for a complete solution. They don’t have to jump through so many hoops, fill screeds of forms, or deal with multiple organisations. Not to mention, they know that the Nedax Standard they are accustomed to is assured, and their priceless database is safe.
“I have seen a relentless drive for innovation and an unwavering focus on delivering a first-class solution for the client. Nedax sets a tremendously high standard – I would recommend a site visit to one of their installations to see first hand the quality of the workmanship.”
Gallagher Group LTD, Lower North Island
Examples of Our Innovation

Clyde Quay Apartments

Wellington CBD
“We design multiple low voltage power supplies for specific tasks, reducing load requirements and stress on power supplies. We also incorporate the industrial grade 48VDC power supplies to power rack mounted servers; Workstations and NVR’s all typically with dual 1+1 redundancy. 

While these were previously being used in the industrial space such as for Telco infrastructure and cell sites the use is security is a new development. designed a system of DC powered infrastructure for our commercial clients- coupling them with our custom made cabinets and 48VDC hardware. The result from our 1st deployment in 2014 at Clyde Quay Wharf Apartments which has 8 self-contained rack systems was beyond our expectations with reliability at 100% over 5 years. Overall, our systems produce a very positive relationship.” Clyde Quay Apartments

Low Smoke Zero Halogen
(LSZH) Cabling

Nedax — installers of LSZH, where safety, along with performance and reliability, are critical due to their low smoke and toxicity.
“Tony has built a very capable team who have great knowledge of the Gallagher product and also our integrations with other 3rd party solutions and this allows them to deliver not only a great install but one that is fit for purpose and meets the client’s requirements.”
Gallagher Group Ltd, Lower North Island

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