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Secure, Practical, And User-friendly Credentials For the Modern Workplaces
Nedax installs and supports state-of-the-art credentials, to create secure and practical access control systems. We offer NXP DESFire EV2 formatted key cards and fobs (the world’s most secure technology), compatible with our robust and future-proofed access control hardware. Alongside Nedax’s other security services (including intercoms, CCTV, and IT services), clients operate a cohesive and effective system. Their staff can also manage their own data, independently run access reports, and track specific individuals’ movements anytime. For more than 30 years in the field, Nedax’s approach has been one of meticulous planning and industry research.
By endorsing better quality equipment such as controllers and readers, anticipating future tech, and working closely with manufacturers, our systems don’t need to be replaced as often - while also achieving higher performance and reliability in the meantime. For example phone credentials weren’t available until a couple of years ago, but long before then, we knew the readers and controllers Nedax was installing would support the future technology. So when the software was rolled out, a simple upgrade revolutionised our clients’ interaction with their doors and gates every day.
We’ve even innovated phone controls further, providing switchable outputs such as manual holds for automatic doors. During any important upgrades like this, a member of the friendly and expert Nedax team will also fully instruct our clients on new capabilities and how to use them. Also, when new cards, fobs, or alterations are required, our team is extremely responsive - accurately loading on specific access zones or handing over independent access management to our clients. Our clients love the freedom, ease-of-use, and confidence they have in their systems.
“I have seen a relentless drive for innovation and an unwavering focus on delivering a first-class solution for the client. Nedax sets a tremendously high standard – I would recommend a site visit to one of their installations to see first hand the quality of the workmanship.”
Gallagher Group LTD, Lower North Island
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Wellington CBD
“Nedax is a one-stop-shop. The solutions are user-friendly and reliable. They also took us through the system step-by-step and explained it all in a way we could understand on a personal level. They are great in terms of their response time, and their staff are really friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, it’s a very positive relationship.” PwC Facilities

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