Introducing Nedax

Our Story

Nedax (short for need access) was founded by Tony Phillips in May 1987. From the beginning the strategic focus was driven by the desire to provide our varied range of customers with the very pinnacle of access control and CCTV systems.

Our ethos was to innovate and improve on the status quo, set new standards, and then continue on our evolutionary path by developing and delivering superior systems to the market standard.

Nedax have maintained their premier position in the niche market by developing their own commercial standards due to the lack of installation guidelines in the marketplace. A small contract with Telecom in 1988 lead to rapid expansion with systems being deployed for NZ Parliament, NZ Police and Government Property Services.

Our expansion into Australia in 1990 commenced with the winning of the contract to completely upgrade the access control and CCTV installations at Sydney International Airport. This was the most valuable security contract ever let in Australasia and for which Nedax won an NZ export award.

During the ensuing 30 plus years, that same ethos has driven Nedax forward. By creating the best possible outcomes for all of our clients, while constantly seeking knowledge and developing methodology culminating in the corporate desire to improve on every installation.

As our client list grew, so too did the scope of our service delivery. We responded to calls from our clients to expand areas of support, to streamline their systems. We added full IT infrastructure setup, data management, and security support -particularly in response to the increased prevalence of malware attacks in recent years. 
Before and After

Now we can provide clients with the whole range of electronic integration services under one umbrella, to offer a complete solution.

As our client list grew, so too did the scope of our service delivery. We responded to calls from our clients to provide more areas of support, to streamline their systems and ensure they were getting the Nedax Standard across the board. So we added CCTV, full IT infrastructure setup, data management, and security support - particularly in response to the increased prevalence of hacking in recent years. Now we can provide clients with the whole range of electronic integration services under one umbrella, to offer a complete solution that always exceeds what’s expected.

What sets Nedax apart from the competition

At Nedax, Agile Quality Engineering Excellence is the foundation for security digital innovation and business success.

It enables Nedax to develop and deliver superior products faster and more effectively than our competition. And, while agile is now the industry standard, its smart, scalable implementation across all areas of Nedax’s business that sets us apart from the competition including prioritising engineering excellence over financial performance.

Our engineers and developers look holistically at our business to see where we can optimize delivery. We define a transformation roadmap and operating model specific to our business that is supported by continuous education and agile coaching. With Nedax we foster a ethos of engineering excellence — one that connects engineering performance with business results and drives business change through effective delivery and unmatched creative craftmanship.

We offer core insights-driven digital security transformation capabilities, modernise key systems to accelerate innovation, and provide a design-led, unified, and personalised experience.

Creative Craftmanship is at the very heart of Nedax’s excellence. It is about our skill-sets and how well we build our systems and how much thought has been put into the design, implementation and testing of the system and delivering delight to customers and in the process deriving pride and satisfaction.

How we work

Nedax diligently researches the marketplace for appropriate hardware to maintain our technology edge, and have even custom-built many of our support products to meet the efficiency and support requirements. We believe in exceeding the specification, because it is vital to us that each of our clients is provided with a robust well engineered solution. We’ll take all opportunities to modify and upgrade an installation where we can, to unlock expanded feature sets, increased performance, and obtain excellence in reliability.

There is no divide between management and the staff on the ground. Founder and director Tony Phillips maintains a overview on every installation . Every one of our key staff is highly-skilled, and shares Tony’s relentless passion to ensure that each project lives up to the Nedax engineered requirements.

Continually innovating, seeking knowledge, and delivering effective solutions are our key drivers. We research tomorrow’s technology and liaise with our product manufacturing partners to future-proof our clients’ designs today. We live and breathe our work, so that our clients only receive the very best. Simply put, Nedax has firmly established itself as the leaders in our field.

Working together

Our focus is set on providing each of our clients and industry partners the best possible solution to their needs. Nedax designs and installs systems for both new builds and existing building upgrades - working directly with clients and in partnership with construction and property management contractors. We’ll often coordinate with the main contractor right from the design stage, to provide expertise on what’s required from all parties, lift the standard within the budget, and exceed the desired outcomes. We work closely with our prominent industry partners including Armstrong Downs, Tracer Construction, McKee Fehl, CBRE Facilities, Administrate, LT McGuinness, to name a few.

Our core products are provided by our trusted partners such as Gallagher, March Networks, Dahua, and Milestone. Nedax staff are very proficient in the systems we endorse

The process

Nedax focusses on pre-planning, design, and innovation in every project. We put the time into considering the needs of each client, as well as upcoming technology. This approach not only increases performance, but also reduces cost footprint and ensures high reliability over the lifetime of the system.

Nedax has also developed special plug-in modules which enable us to site test and pre-commission systems well in advance of practical completion. All custom trunking systems are prefitted on site to ensure accuracy then fully powder coated prior to final installation.

This innovative process allows the specialised systems and circuits to be pre-commissioned - removing ourselves from the bottleneck that typically occurs and the tail end of the contract. By overcoming the ‘normal’ time constraints, we use our experienced staff to consistently carry out the highest standard of skill, comprehensive testing, and critical thinking - well before project completion.

At the conclusion of each project, we take the opportunity to evaluate it together as a team - recognising positive aspects of the installation process which allows the spontaneous contribution from the installation and commissioning teams.

Post Contact Support

Once a contract is completed post support is implemented. This provides for either Comprehensive or Preventative maintenance regimes which includes 24/7 support ; routine maintenance regimes; offsite monitoring and Bureau management . Each contract is tailored to the often varied needs of the client.

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