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“Tony Phillips and the Nedax Systems team in Wellington, NZ have crushed this 77 door installation. The attention to detail speaks volumes about the rest of the project, so much care and pride on show. Thank you to the Nedax team for sharing the install with us.”

Scott Johnstone
National Sales Manager at Gallagher

Our work with High Commission of India - Wellington

Fully Integrated Access Control; IP Intercom; CCTV; Intruder and IP Network

Nedax who commenced operations in May 1987 are delighted to have designed a fully integrated system with levels of sophistication innovation and workmanship unmatched in the industry.

All design and installation was handled by Nedax staff headed by Cameron Phillips as Project Engineer and supported by Sunny Sandhu as site Technical lead manager.

Our ethos with Nedax was to design a system of unmatched reliability and about creating engineering solutions and enhancing the performance, productivity and durability of the overall system.
We are indebted to Wayne Scott local BDM for  Gallagher in providing the necessary equipment and software to support our quest to create this masterpiece.


Nedax were not inhibited by specification considerations. From the outset the Nedax aspiration was create a world leading system with innovation and quality not seen in the security marketplace utilising 48VDC instead of 230VAC to power rack equipment ; servers ; workstations ; routers ; monitor displays which excludes the requirement to have 230VAC outlets at monitoring locations ; safety requirements being that extra low voltage powered equipment are present at staff locations ; less power consumption and increased equipment life expectancy .

The Nedax management philosophy was from the outset establishing quality ; productivity and competitive position and consistently improve the system of production and service.

Nedax themes were that customers recognise that quality as an important attribute in products and services and recognise that quality as an important differentiator between their own offerings and those of our competitors.

Nedax call this Quality Differentiation .These themes are prevalent amongst Nedax staff and have become more significant including quality culture ; the importance of knowledge management and the role of leadership in promoting and achieving high quality.

Services Used For

Our Integrated Solution

Wellington CBD
Access and Monitoring Control
Access and Monitoring Control

- Command Centre Server v8.80; Windows Server 2022 powered by Dual 1 + 1 48VDC Power Supplies; Rack Mount
- Command Terminal Server v8.80; Windows Server 2022 powered by Dual 1 + 1 48VDC Power Supplies; Rack Mount
- FT6000 x 12 with Hbus modules mounted in Nedax cabinets with custom backplanes
- T11 Hbus readers x 80
- 7 x Workstation Clients Windows 10 powered by Dual 1 + 1 48VDC Power Supplies; Rack Mount
- Workstation Monitors powered by 48VDC (no 230VAC requirement)
- Pyronix 6 state intrusion detection monitoring
- Customised Mosfet switching system to control run time on 48VDC subsystems interfaced to and monitored by Gallagher.
- Customised and integrated Hbus 4 wire consoles with dual colour SS buttons and full monitoring and auditing of control switching
- All field devices have customised EOL modules built in (no requirement for soldered EOL devices )
- Secure encrypted DESFire EV2 credentials used with private key encryption.

Power Supplies<br>(48VDC )
Power Supplies
(48VDC )

- Centralised dual Eaton 48VDC rack mount power supplies with dual 4 x 140AMP/H backup capacity
- Powers all servers; workstations; routers; servers and monitors cameras and intercoms.

Power Supplies (12VDC)
Power Supplies (12VDC)

- Custom power supplies 13.6vdc Meanwell 144 Watt with independent load and battery charge circuits; with LCD displays built in
- Automated Battery Capacity testing
- 8 Way Fuse boards with DC current monitoring per circuit using blade fuses (up to 4 x 8 way capability)
- Fire Drop Circuit built in
- Output monitoring of 230VAC; Battery condition and fuse failure (with 4k7 built in resistors) and ability to link power supplies for common monitoring
- Independent power supplies used for controllers and locking devices
- Device loading no greater than 60% of power supply capacity.

CCTV System
CCTV System

- 80 Camera system with Milestone Professional and HLI to Gallagher
- Storage via 120TB DAS array running Nitrogen filled Seagate 12TB enterprise drives configured in raid 6 and Hot Spare with 40GB thunderbolt link to Server
- All monitors are powered by 48VDC with no 230VAC present at display locations.

Intercom System
Intercom System

- Jacques 12 VOIP stations and 3 master control units with HLI integrated with Gallagher
- All intercom video recorded by Milestone.

Enterprise Network
Enterprise Network

- Customised rack by Dynamix 1300x800x45ru
- Extract Fans 48VDC
- Full length rails to allow dual loading of equipment
- Layer 3 fibre routers and POE switch equipment
- Dual path comms network via 25GB patch leads.
- Full monitoring of all IP devices VIA managed WAN
- Secure customised VPN network

I had a walk through this site a few months ago. It knocked my socks off! Well done to the team and Nedax. You should all be extremely proud of what you’ve delivered.
Brad Small

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