Security Integration Case Studies

Frederick Street Apartments Wellington
(Completed 2023)

Frederick Street Apartments


Nedax worked closely with Black Yard Engineering and Mckee-Fehl to design supply and install a Akuvox Video Intercom serving 78 apartments and Concierge. Salto AE-Element fitted to all apartment door and hardwired to stair doors and perimeter.

Nedax designed and installed 47 IP camera system connected to NXW cloud server.

Nedax designed and implemented a customised Managed Secure WAN solution utilising Mikrotik 328; 326 and 2004 managed POE switch and Router equipment which are all battery backed and connected to a automated provisioning cloud server which allows 24/7 device monitoring and secure firmware monthly patching updates.

Low voltage power supplies are based on Nedax’s proven intelligent 144 Watt 13.6vdc units with full monitoring of mains fail; battery low; fuse failure and automated battery capacity testing which negates requirements to locally load test batteries with subsequent OPEX savings.

Nedax managed UFB fibre installation which included battery backing ONT (Optical Network Transmitter).

In the realm of elegance and professionalism, some installations truly stand out. Rarely do I showcase such pictures, but the Gallagher Security and SALTO Systems integration by Nedax Systems in Wellington caught my attention. Hats off to Tony Phillips for the impeccable work and attention to detail. Your dedication to excellence is truly commendable.
ADAM HAJDU, National Technical Partner manager at SALTO Systems

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