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135 Victoria Street (Eagle Technology House)

Overview - (Dec 2024 Completion)

Nedax worked closely with Black Yard Engineering and Cheops Holdings to design a pioneering electronic security and data integration utilising the 36 years of expertise and innovation in Australia and New Zealand.

Special Features

LSZH Cabling -This installation will be one of the first installations in NZ to have Nedax supplied and installed LSZH security and Cat 6 data cabling with 25 Year manufacturer warranty with features as noted below.

1. Halogen-free:

The use of environmentally friendly insulating layer, sheath and special oxygen barrier materials not only has good electrical properties as well as physical and mechanical properties, but also ensures that the product does not contain halogen, solving the “second pollution” caused by the combustion, and avoids the carcinogenic “dioxins” produced by the traditional PVC wire combustion.

2. High flame retardancy:

Low smoke zero halogen cables fully guarantee the high building requirements for fire protection, the cables are not easy to burn during a fire, and can prevent the spread of flame and the expansion of disasters after burning.

3. Low toxin:

The insulation and sheath do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals that are harmful to the human body, which will not pollute the soil and water when the cables are used and discarded. And after harsh toxicity tests, the white rats were safe and sound under the specified experimental conditions.

4. No corrosive gas is generated:

Adopting a new type of special coating material that is non-polluting to the environment, it will not produce HCl and other gases during production, use and combustion, and emit very little acid gas, which will cause little damage to personnel, equipment and instruments, also it is more environmentally friendly.

5. Water-proof and ultraviolet-proof:

Green environmental protection materials with special molecular structure are used to ensure ultra-low water absorption. The special ultraviolet absorber makes the low smoke zero halogen cables have good anti-ultraviolet function, ensuring the safety using of this kind of products and extend the service life.

Services Used For

Our Integrated Solution

Akuvox Video Intercom System
Akuvox Video Intercom System

Akuvox IP Video Intercom serving 108 apartments with virtual interface to a Gallagher BLE based cloud supported access control system all wired in Cat6 LSZH cabling.

Enterprise Wireless Access Point System (109)
Enterprise Wireless Access Point System (109)

Supply and installation of 109 Wi-fi 6 Enterprise Wireless Access points with automatic provisioning for apartment users all wired in LSZH cabling.


40 4MP IP system all wired in Cat6 LSZH cabling and connected to a cloud server using NX Witness VMS.

Chorus UFB design and rollout
Chorus UFB design and rollout

Nedax is managing UFB rollout and deployment and installation of ONT’s.

Salto XS4 and Gallagher Wired System
Salto XS4 and Gallagher Wired System

116 Salto XS4 door locks and 40 wired Gallagher solution (wired with LSZH cabling) fully integrated with Gateways and nodes and connected to a offsite cloud provisioning server for automated deployment and management of phone credentials Low voltage power supplies are based on Nedax,s proven intelligent 144 Watt 13.6vdc units with full monitoring of mains fail, battery low, fuse failure and automated battery capacity testing which negates requirements to locally load test batteries with subsequent OPEX savings.

Enterprise Switch and Router system with 48VDC backup subsystem
Enterprise Switch and Router system with 48VDC backup subsystem

Nedax designed and implemented a customised Managed Secure WAN solution with multiple V-Lans utilising Mikrotik 328, 326 and 2004 managed POE switch and Router equipment which are all battery backed and connected to a automated provisioning cloud server which allows 24/7 device monitoring and secure firmware monthly patching updates. Furthermore Nedax supplying and installing new tool-less shuttered keystones and custom LSZH Cat6 Ultra Slim patchleads.

Team Nedax always supply the best in workmanship and along with Gallagher systems the best result for our clients Projects...This looks another example of the great work that Tony and his Team produce.
GM.Architects & Planners Ltd

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